The further we go, the closer we get

Ever since the beginning of the humanity, the nature of the man has been to move forward and seek for the best conditions for its development and living. It was until the discovery of agriculture that we began to settle in a specific place and started to create our traditions and culture by itself while building our houses, activities, and lifestyle.

Would you agree with me if I say that good enough isn’t always good enough for us?

  That is certainly why the world is what it is today. We never intellectually settle, life is constantly changing and so are we. Curiosity and aim of knowledge are part of us and we can´t deny or ignore this natural impulse. That is exactly what traveling does for me. It fulfills my natural wish of learning about other cultures and human expression. Living in a globalized and full of data world is overwhelming and stresses us in so many ways. The daily routine and current idea of success make us forget what living is really about. I think that going out into the world, taking risks, venturing and getting in touch with the humanity is what makes us feel truly alive and helps us finding ourselves among this routinary life. Adventure is impossible without setting forth into the world. Are you really gonna stay there and miss all the beauty that the world has given to us?

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